About Sailme Company.

Sailing cruise is a exciting way of holidays. You can escape from daily routine and enjoy a week-long cruise in one of the best yachting regions of the World: Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Greece.
We do our best. Best of sailing, of course. We took in account thousands of small things during planning our trips, because we believe excellence is always in details. We pick out the most beautiful places, lagoons and beaches. We check the parties` schedule over all clubs and suggest the best to our guests. We cooperate with locals and discover the islands from hidden side instead of popular touristic routes. We do all of this to make your week with SAIL ME absolutely unforgettable and one of the best weeks of your lifetime.

From December to March we provide yacht cruises on Canary Islands and Atlantic Ocean. From April till October we sail around Balearic islands and Mediterranean.

History of success

  1. This is the year the company was founded. On May 17, the first clients and friends went sailing on board Blitz, Gib'Sea 442 sailing yacht. It was the first commercial voyage of Sailme Charter.

  2. The first yacht was bought. She was a popular model Beneteau Oceanis 43 in a four-cabin version with the iconic name: Dream Team.

  3. Thanks to the explosive growth of the charter market and a stunning location, the company opens a permanent base in Ibiza, where two of its own yachts have already been chartered: Oceanis 43 and Hanse 400.

  4. The company's fleet continues to grow thanks to attracting investments and expanding the client base. The winter base in Tenerife is fully launched.

  5. There comes an understanding that beautiful modern yachts are the future of the charter market. Therefore, the company is taking the first steps towards the banking sector, lending and buying two new yachts Oceanis 46.1 built in 2019.

  6. The opening of a base with five yachts in Palma de Mallorca, one of the largest yachting centers in the Mediterranean, coincided with the start of the covid pandemic. Despite the shutdown of all sectors of the global economy, the yacht charter market fared well during this period. After all, being on a yacht with friends you are isolated from the whole world.

  7. Second year of the pandemic. The company takes the lead in Ibiza with comfortable moorings in Ibiza's old town, brand new yachts and excellent technical service. Own fleet reaches 10 yachts, but the company does not stop there and offers a charter management program to yacht owners with a revolutionary profit sharing system.

  8. New base in Lefkas, Greece. Catamarans are becoming a new benchmark in charter yachting. Demand significantly exceeds offer, and Sailme Charter, having 7 brand new catamarans in its fleet, continues to hold a leading position in the local market.

  9. Сontinuing to increase the fleet +2 units per year and closely monitor the quality of the service and customer satisfaction, the company maintains a leading position in both of Spain's key markets - Ibiza and Tenerife.

  10. New catamarans are being built for our fleet in 2024. We are full of ambition to become the biggest charter company in Spain. Our slogan "from sailors to sailors" sets the pace and defines the approach that leads our company to success.


Sailing cruise is a exciting way of holidays. You can escape from daily routine and enjoy a week-long cruise in one of the best yachting regions of the World: Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Greece.
Sailme Founder Ivan



Thanks to his passion for the sea, he founded the company in 2015 while working as a charter skipper. Since then, the company has continued to grow rapidly and attract new yachtsmen from all over the world. Ukrainian.
Sailme CSO Alex



Open, kind and always ready to share his experience through direct communication, video reviews of new yachts or standing at the helm. Do you want to charter a yacht? This is for Alex. Ukrainian.
Sailme CTO Serhii



Having strong technical skills, Sergey set up work in the technical department to the highest standard. Sailme Charter yachts are considered the most reliable and well maintained in the area - thanks to his efforts. Ukrainian.
Sailme Technician Leo



Full order in the documentation, timely supply and smooth work during check-ins - all this is his merit Leo. A strong technician and a good yachtsman is always ready to help if you experience difficulties during the charter. Russian.
Sailme Welcome department Anastasia


Welcome department

Feeling at home on board a charter yacht is not easy to get. Nevertheless, Anastasia, with her care, made it so that you get complete comfort and will definitely want to return. Russian.
Sailme Technician Sergio



The speed of the yacht is achieved not only by sails and engine. Smooth hull surface, proper paint and perfectly set up rigging - all this, thanks to the efforts of Sergio, adds to the comfort on board our yachts. Ukrainian.
Sailme Ibiza base manager Anatoly


Ibiza base manager

As an experienced yachtsman, Anatoly always has a story to tell. A deep knowledge of the technical features of all the yachts of our fleet will be revealed to each of our clients thanks to the head of the base in Ibiza. Ukrainian.
Sailme Lefkas base manager Michail


Lefkas base manager

Born in Ukraine and growing up in Greece, Mikhail combined the best features of these two nationalities. Adding yachting experience, technical skills and a deep knowledge of the Greek islands make him the best baseman in Greece ever. Greek.