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Traveling with Sail Me – it is an incredible emotion! A great opportunity to change the reality, the passage of time, a way of life … at least on such a short moment. That instantly appeared those 7 days, which I spent on a yacht. On the contrast of emotions experienced is difficult to say. Even yesterday was sitting at the office table, and the next day you meet the dawn of the helm of the yacht. It is necessary to fell once.
“In heaven …, and only talks about the sea and sunset … there talking about how damn cool to watch a huge fireball, as it melts in the waves, and barely visible light like a candle burning somewhere in the depths …” Original post here.

Oleg Osyka, Webmaster

Today, I am firmly convinced – yacht cruise – the best way to travel – for the same money the hotel+ kitchen go with you. On the boat you can go to places where you do not get there by car, wake up in a beautiful bay, remember that in the sky there are stars, to see sunsets and sunrises that are only in the sea. The only drawback – a little))), but there is an incentive to try Sailing again and again. Thanks to Ivan for the plannong, composure and patience. P.S. After this trip, I decided that I wanted, and I will engage in sailing. Original post here.

Pavel Ivanov, Businessman

This alluring and delightful yachting! Luxury sunny days, islands, rocks, caves, turquoise “shallow”, with a huge depth. You’re lying on the water and see the bottom clearly covered grass and already captures the spirit now seems to fall without feeling the water because of its transparency. The unique spirit of the Marine team. The wind speed is 8 knots boat roll, and then sunset, whiskey, tales in the cockpit, night running watch under the dome of the sky dotted with stars, the Milky Way on the starboard side, the rustle of the waves crashing on the streamlined rapid form. Thank you all for a memorable trip! I fell in love with this thing once and for all! See you on board. Original here .

Kristina Trubnikova, Traveller

Cruise on a yacht with Sail Me – an unforgettable, very special holiday! We visited in the heavenly places of the Balearic Islands, extraordinary beaches! Combine sport and relaxation! Excellent well-organized team, Super Captain Ivan Briukhovets! The ocean of adventure and humor! Thanks Sail Me for vacation paradise! I recommend!!!

Julia Molchan, Doctor

I remember our first dinner in the marina of Alicante. Sunset, a beautiful view of the city and the castle, the integration into a new community of travelers, lovers of the sea and floating homes. It was great to participate in the process, and not just be a guest on board. Hourly watch the first night! He pulled a piece of paper – keep watch! And we go to the open sea, entrusting their lives to each other !! I think that those moments of absolute happiness that I have experienced in our journey, will dream in my old age. How cool to see off the sun in the sea without seeing the shores! Listen to your favorite songs and incredible stories. We got married 2 years ago and this is our second honeymoon in Spain. Thank you for the peace of the journey and a great team, Cap! Original here .

Kate Antonova, event manager

Hello! I’d like to take the opportunity to leave a couple of nice words about our journey. It was a great start of summer – sun, positive, bright and feel, which lasted more than a week, despite the fact that all the same there will always be a little))) likes to live on a sailboat surrounded by sea, sun and fun company, I like Ibiza – so many totally completely different people I have not seen anywhere else, although a lot of where I was. I liked the organization – to be honest, it started long before the appointed date, as information support, constant communication and discussion of organizational issues by Ivan immersed in the special atmosphere of the upcoming campaign. It was the right vacation! Thank you so much! Original here.

Tamara Slyepchenko, Owner of beauty salon

The vacations we liked !!!! Can recommend and advise to anyone!!!! We recommend longer stay in Ibiza in different beautiful bays))) to dance all the way))) and enjoy the sea, the wind and gorgeous with a good sense of humor skipper !!!)))) see you soon !!! Will be in Barcelona – write !!!!) Original .

Georgy Morozov, Captain