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What is a ship’s fund and how much is it?

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When organizing yacht travel, budget planning is always important. Some items of expenditure are difficult to predict, so they are placed in a separate group and combined under the name SHIP’S FUND.

What is included in the ship’s fund?

Food and drinks. 

On the day of arrival, the crew, together with the captain, discusses the list of products, considering the wishes of the participants. All people are different, and we try to take into account all the specifics when drawing up the shopping list, so the cost of products can vary from 50 to 80 euros per person per week.

Mooring in marinas and yacht clubs. 

Based on many years of experience, we plan trips alternating between anchorage in marinas and wild anchorages in beautiful coves under the stars. The cost of marinas ranges from € 30 per yacht per night in the Canary Islands to € 300 per night in the high season in Ibiza. Dividing by the number of people in the crew and averaging we get the cost of parking in the Canary Islands – 15 € per person and 40 € in Ibiza and Formentera.


Depending on the presence of wind and the length of the route, the diesel consumption on the yacht can vary greatly. On average, 60 liters of fuel are consumed per week, which is about 80 €. Thus, the unit cost of fuel per person is 10 €.

Adding all the numbers, we get the average size of the ship’s fund:

Canary Islands – 100 € per person per week

Ibiza and Formentera – 140 € per person per week

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