Yacht Charter in Spain. Canary islands and Baleares islands.


Our company offers you to join an exciting journeys around Balearic islands or Canary islands on board sailing yacht. Sailing is our passion and our lifestyle, and we would like to share this unique emotions with you. We choose most interesting regions of Spain for our yacht cruises.

Baleares archipelago is a group of four main islands and hundreds of small in between Spanish eastern coast and Italy. Yachting here is a traditional way of luxury holidays. You can choose one of our scheduled cruises and share the celebration of life with your best friends. A few words about the main islands:

  • Mallorca is a must-see island in the Mediterranean. This island is one of the most developed regions of the Mediterranean. The dramatic coastline varies from mountains and cliffs in the west to sandy beaches and caves in the east. And this island is home to one of the world’s most beautiful capitals Palma de Mallorca.
  • Ibiza is world's capital for the most exciting parties and luxury lifestyle. Mecca for hedonists from all around the world. If you like the "celebration of life" style of living and never been in Ibiza... Then you waste your lifetime. Cruise around Ibiza is the most popular route of our guests.
  • Formentera is a satellite of Ibiza in just one-hour-long yacht voyage from old town Eivissa. Playa de Ses Illetes in Formentera is one of the TOP 10 beaches in Europe. Definitely this island is a wanderlust "must see" location.
  • Minorca is a calm paradise. Best choise if you are looking for best place to escape the busy daily routine. Even the time here goes calm and slowly. Minorca is especially well known for its traditional summer fiestas, which intrigue many visitors. Minorca also famous as flower island. Here you can find almost a thousand species of wild flowers.


Canary islands is a huge archipelago placed near Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. This archipelago also known as Islands of endless spring. Even in winter sea is smooth and air temperature more than 20 degrees Celsius. Yachting here is traditional way of rest. Check for more info in Cruises

  • Tenerife is the most populous island of the archipelago. Here our yachts based from October till April. Yachting is interesting both in northbound and southern directions. In this island you can find lots of interesting sites and good infrastructure
  • Gran-Canaria is the capital of Canary archipelago. Also well known as billioner's village. You can enjoy warm climate and smooth ocean all year round.
  • Fuertoventura means "strong wind" in local dialect. Here is one of the world's most popular spots for kitesurfers. Amazing wind statistics works as a magnet for all wind-lovers.
  • Lansarote is eastern island of the archipelago. Because of that climate here is more hot and dry then on other islands. canary_map_miles

Levante is eastern Spanish coast. Well known region with lots of marinas and yachts. Our company offers various ready-to-go planned trips on board of our fleet.

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