Bareboat charter - yacht charter without a captain

26 October 2020

With the development of the yachting industry, renting a yacht has become as easy as renting a car. And the cost of a yacht vacation can be even lower than hotel accommodation. Yacht charter can be of two types: including skipper services and bareboat charter. In our article we will tell you about bareboat charter.

What is a Bareboat charter?

Bareboat charter means renting a yacht without a crew for a certain period. During the lease term, you dispose of the yacht at your own discretion as the owner. You are fully responsible for the vessel, you plan the route and the rest program on the yacht at your discretion. To rent a yacht without a captain, several conditions must be met, which will be discussed below. A yacht charter is issued through a charter agreement between the charter company and you.

Whom is yacht charter suitable for?

Renting a yacht without a crew is suitable for both private persons and companies. If you have a skipper's license, you can rent a yacht and sail with your family or friends. It is not only very fascinatingly but also accessible. For example, the cost of a bareboat charter for a yacht for 8 people may start from 1,500 euros per week, depending on the season and location. That's less than € 200 per person per week!

For organizations, renting a yacht without a captain is an excellent opportunity to hold their own event as part of a yacht vacation: a thematic tour, a fitness program, a business event. Among the regular SAILME customers there are lots of travel agencies that think over the travel program independently, decorate the yacht with corporate flags and even have a skipper on the staff.

Benefits of bareboat charter

To own a yacht is a dream of many people, but yacht charter also has a number of significant advantages. Each season you can discover new water areas. You can compare different boats in terms of comfort and handling, and to improve your skills and knowledge. At the same time, you do not need to spend huge amounts of money on new sails, equipment, to monitor the technical condition and to pay for yacht maintenance.

Depending on the purpose of yacht charter and the number of people in the crew, you select the most suitable vessel. It can be a small yacht for 5-6 people or a spacious yacht for up to 12 people. And another obvious advantage of a bareboat charter is savings on skipper services, which is about 100-150 euros per day.

What documents and skills are required when renting a yacht?

For bareboat charter, you must have a valid skipper license, which must be presented prior to settling on the yacht. The most common licenses are IYT (International Yachtmaster Training) and RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Most charter companies will also ask you to provide a logbook to prove your experience.

Some yachts require two people to operate and therefore you have to present two licenses. It can be difficult to rent a yacht for your first charter. In some countries, an additional radio operator certificate is required. In case of absence of the required licenses or insufficient experience, we recommend to use the services of a professional skipper.

Terms of bareboat charter

The international universal charter period is usually a week. Most often it is a week from Saturday to Saturday. Even if you want to rent a yacht for 2-3 days, you will need to pay for a weekly yacht rental, because the rest of the unused days in the week is not possible to retake to someone.

It should be noted that a week is the best time for a yacht vacation. A few days is not enough to experience all the yachting benefits, a longer period is also not suitable for everyone, and a week is ideal.

However, there are exceptions. Do not forget that different yachts can be used for different purposes. Some yachts are suitable for comfortable long-term stays, while others are suitable for daytime activities. There is also the possibility of a one-day yacht or catamaran charter for a day excursion.

What are the obligations of the charterer for bareboat charter?

When renting a yacht without crew, you are fully responsible for the boat. A vessel charter agreement is concluded, according to which the renter guarantees to make the agreed payments, pay bills during the charter, monitor the safety of the yacht and not to leave the boundaries of the agreed water area.

When renting a yacht without a captain, an insurance deposit is required, which covers the costs in the event of a ship breakdown due to the fault of the crew. As a rule, the security deposit is blocked on the card and returned after the expiration of the yacht charter. A similar system is used when renting a car. The full terms and conditions and obligations of the bareboat charter are set out in the contract, which may differ from one charter company to another.

What is prohibited for bareboat charter?

The route of the voyage within the framework of a bareboat charter is determined by the skipper and the crew, taking into account the restrictions on the sailing area, which are specified in the agreement with the charter company. Going outside the agreed area is not allowed. Fishing and anchorages in non-designated areas are also prohibited.

The use of equipment for which an additional authorization is required is prohibited. For example, equipment for diving or spearfishing. Depending on the yacht and the waters in which you are located, the requirements and rules may differ. We recommend that you carefully study them before charter a yacht to avoid fines or even revocation of your yacht license.

In which regions do we offer bareboat yacht charter?

SAILME's fleet is based in Spain: in Ibiza in summer and Tenerife in winter. These areas were not chosen by chance. The Canary Islands is the only European resort where the season lasts all year round. Even in the coldest months, the water and air temperature does not drop below 20 degrees.

The Canary Islands offer many interesting sailing routes. Dolphins, whales or sea turtles can be easily spotted in the Atlantic Ocean. You can get acquainted with the routes that we use and recommend here.

Balearic Islands: Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca are also great for yacht charter in Spain. A yacht vacation is combined with a rich coastal and beach program in the best Ibiza clubs and Mallorca restaurants, and there is a beach in Formentera that is included in the top 10 best beaches in the world. Check out the sailing routes in Ibiza here.

Why rent a yacht from Sailme?

Yacht charter in Spain is very popular: a hospitable country, picturesque water areas, a wide range of offers. But in most cases, you are dealing with intermediaries who include their commission in the price of a yacht charter, which increases the cost of renting a boat.

SAILME has its own fleet, so we can offer some of the lowest prices on the market. We monitor the state of the fleet very carefully and can provide you with up-to-date photos and videos of the yacht you are interested in.

If you want to rent a yacht in Spain, our consultants always try to find the best option for you accordingly to your wishes. Our fleet has 3-4-5 cabin yachts. And in July 2019, two brand new yachts from the shipyard will join our fleet.

Sailing yacht rental prices

The cost of renting a yacht is influenced by such parameters as: size, age of the yacht, season and place of rent. The budget for a bareboat yacht charter can range from 800 to 12,000 thousand euros per week. In addition to the cost of renting a yacht, there are possible additional costs: rental of additional equipment, bed linen, final cleaning, etc. The complete list must be checked with the charter company.

The cost also does not include the cost of food, fuel, parking in marinas. Boarding and / or disembarking from a yacht at a port other than the port of check-in will incur a yacht delivery / return fee (if provided).

The current cost of renting a yacht without a captain with SAILME can be found here. Sometimes we publish special offers when the cost of renting a yacht can be 30-50% lower. Subscribe to our newsletter in order not to miss all the current offers.

What if you need to cancel your yacht charter?

In accordance with the international rules of yacht brokers, if you need to cancel your yacht lease, the charter company can withhold the prepayment or the full price. It depends on the time in which you inform your decision.

Typically 90 days prior to the charter cancellation, the deposit is withheld and in less than 30 days prior the cancellation the full amount is withheld. In any case, we recommend that you inform about changes in plans as early as possible. In some cases, it is possible to find a compromise solution, for example, to agree on alternative dates for the yacht charter. Full terms and conditions for cancellation of a bareboat charter are specified in the charter agreement.

We will be glad to see you on board the SAILME!