-Catamaran rental in the Caribbean.

04 January 2021

The Caribbean area is home for many amazing and picturesque islands, each with a unique nature and landscape. The Bahamas and Virgin Islands, Barbados, the Grenadines, Cuba, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands we often see in advertisements with paradise beaches, crystal clear sea and colorful sea inhabitants. Ideal for a seaside vacation.

The Caribbean dispose not only for hotel rest, but also for yachting. Why limit your vacation to excursions to one island when you can wake up in a different place every morning? During a week of sailing, you can visit several islands belonging to different states and get inspired by cultural and landscape differences.

While planning a vacation in the Caribbean, whether you are staying at a hotel or spending a week on a yacht, you can be sure of a high level of service. The tourist and yacht infrastructure is well developed here. The Caribbean sea is calm, warm and inviting.

When choosing yachting in the Caribbean, yachtsmen prefer catamarans. There are several reasons for this: the shallow draft makes it easy to navigate shallow water and anchor close to the shore. Good maneuvering ability comes in handy around coral reefs. The cabins are more spacious and lighter than on the yacht. A catamaran allows you to spend your vacation in the Caribbean without any loss of comfort.

From SAILME in the Caribbean, you can rent a large luxury catamaran Lagoon 52F, which is not inferior in accommodation even to a hotel: 6 spacious cabins with individual toilet and shower. Four separate areas: a bright saloon with panoramic glazing, a large cockpit with a dining table and sun loungers, a front cockpit with sofas and mesh and a captain's bridge with sun loungers and a large awning.

The NEPTUNO catamaran is based in the region's largest yacht marina on the island of Martinique Le Marin. This is a tourist town in a picturesque bay with a huge port with about 750 berths! At Le Marin you can prepare quickly and  easily for your travel week. There are many shops, bars and companies offering a variety of tourist services.

Catamaran yachting in the Caribbean perfectly complements SUP surfing and kite surfing. The NEPTUNO catamaran is equipped with the appropriate equipment. To use kite gear, an IKO certificate is required. Please let us know in advance if you plan to take advantage of this opportunity.

You can rent the Lagoon52F catamaran in the Caribbean (base on the island of Martinique) and the Balearic Islands (base on the island of Ibiza). The cost depends on the season and location. For an accurate cost calculation, please contact us.

In the 2020 winter season, there is a special offer in the Caribbean: catamaran charter, including skipper and hostess services, for 7900 euros! That's 659 euros per person! We are sure that no other company has such an offer for renting a catamaran in the Caribbean.

SAILME has its own fleet and is not an agent, so we can guarantee the best price offer and a high level of service. If necessary, we can provide you with Russian-speaking staff. We have representatives in Spain, Ukraine and Russia.


To book a catamaran, write to us at info@sailme.eu or choose any convenient way in Contacts.