Gennaker. What is this?

03 November 2016

If you're a passionate sailor, then you probably know that having the right sail can make a huge difference in your performance and experience on the water. That's where the gennaker comes in. Gennakers are an increasingly popular option during yacht charters, and for good reason. In this article, we'll explore the gennaker sail and everything you need to know about it.

So, what exactly is a gennaker? Essentially, it is a cross between a genoa and a spinnaker, designed to be used on reaching and downwind points of sail. This sail is constructed from lightweight, high-performance materials and has a curved luff and leech, which allows it to generate lift and speed in light winds. Gennakers are typically used on modern yachts and offer improved control and stability compared to traditional spinnakers.

One of the key advantages of using a gennaker sail is its versatility. These sails can be adapted to suit different wind conditions and angles, and are suitable for both cruising and racing. They also offer improved speed and performance in light winds, which can be a real advantage when sailing in coastal areas or during regattas.

Another benefit of gennakers is their ease of use. Unlike traditional spinnakers, which can be difficult to handle and set up, gennakers can be easily deployed and retrieved by a single sailor. This makes them an excellent option for solo sailors or smaller crews.

Of course, like any sail, gennakers do have some drawbacks. For example, they are less effective in heavy winds and can be more difficult to handle in these conditions. Additionally, they can be more expensive than traditional sails, which may be a consideration for some sailors.

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The photo shows our gennaker raised on a yacht Beneteau Oceanis 43 "Dream Team" during a 100 NM sea passage from Ibiza to Alicante. Sailing in Spain is cool!

So, how do you decide if a gennaker is right for you? It really comes down to your sailing needs and preferences. If you set sail in light wind conditions and need a sail that is easy to handle and provides good speed, then a gennaker may be an excellent option. Likewise, if you are looking for greater control and stability on downwind points of sail, a gennaker could be the perfect choice.

At your sailing charters in Spain, we offer a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of sailing under the gennaker. This sail gives you a feeling of speed and power that is hard to match, and it's always an exciting and unforgettable experience. Just request it as an additional option from your booking manager.

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