Our yachts available for charter in Tenerife

11 October 2016

Welcome to the perfect winter sailing destination - Tenerife! Whether you're a seasoned skipper license holder or a beginner, sailing Tenerife is an adventure of a lifetime. With its stunning coastline, warm weather, and crystal-clear waters, the Canary Islands are a haven for sailing enthusiasts.

We are excited to announce that our yachts will be available for charter on Tenerife from December 2016. Our fleet of yachts caters to different group sizes and budgets, ranging from cozy two-person yachts to larger vessels perfect for families or groups of friends. You can choose to sail on your own or with our experienced crew, who will ensure a smooth sailing vacation.

Tenerife is an excellent winter season destination, with temperatures ranging from 18 to 25°C, and its sunny weather is perfect for sailing. Take advantage of the winter season in the Canary Islands and escape the cold weather back home. A sailing vacation is a perfect opportunity to unwind and explore the beautiful coastline of Tenerife.

At our yacht charter Tenerife, we have taken great care to ensure that our yachts are well-maintained and fully equipped for your convenience. Our yachts come with all the necessary safety equipment, including life jackets and first aid kits, and we provide detailed maps of the area and advice on the best routes to take.

Yacht's description and prices you can find here.

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So why wait? Book one of our yachts and start planning your sailing adventure today. Discover the hidden gems of Tenerife's coastline, enjoy the warm sea breeze, and soak up the sun. We guarantee that your sailing vacation in the Canary Islands will be an unforgettable experience. Visit our website to find out more about our yachts, their descriptions, and prices.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the breathtaking scenery of Tenerife from a new perspective. Book your yacht charter in Tenerife today!