Vacation in Mallorca

09 April 2021

Mallorca is the largest and most amazing island in the Balearic archipelago in the Mediterranean, which attracts thousands of travelers every year. The island is very different from mainland Spain. The first inhabitants appeared here several thousand years before our era. Mallorca has often been the target of wars and conquests.

The change of each epoche and the peoples who ruled the island left its unique imprint on the way of life of the locals and created a special atmosphere in Mallorca. But the island was not always popular with tourists, at the beginning of the past century, only elite travelers could afford a vacation in Mallorca. Everything changed after the 50s when air traffic improved and the tourist infrastructure began to develop.

Mallorca owes its popularity to its extraordinary nature, a large number of national reserves, picturesque bays, and white beaches. Inland, there are fertile olive and almond groves, windmills, and ancient villages. And the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca, is the oldest city in Europe.

Mallorca is also unique as it is perfect for any type of vacation. All conditions have been created, both for measured family recreation with children and for active youth resting. The island is considered one of the most democratic and hospitable islands in the world. Mallorca residents speak, as a rule, Catalan and Spanish, many speak foreign languages.

What is Mallorca famous for?

The island is famous for its seaside resorts, picturesque coves, as well as Roman and Moorish architectural monuments. Mallorca's capital is a large and modern city that has managed to preserve its historical buildings.

If you are interested in fine arts, go to Pollensa town, which is famous for its art galleries. A music festival is also held there. On the northern coast of Mallorca, there is the picturesque Cape Formentor, where an old lighthouse and an observation deck are located.

Weather in Mallorca

The season in Mallorca is open all year round because even in winter the air temperature here is about 15-16 C. But Mallorca opens up in all its glory in late spring and continues to delight until mid-autumn. The swimming season opens in May and lasts until October, summer is hot with little rainfall. The air temperature often exceeds 30 ° C, and the water temperature rises to 25 ° C.

Many people like to come to rest in Mallorca from October to November when the weather is still warm and sunny, and there are much fewer tourists. During the tourist season, Mallorca hosts many colorful celebrations and festivals. For example, in August, the inhabitants of the island celebrate a holiday dedicated to the patroness of the sea for a whole week. The festive week completes with a grand fireworks display on 15 August.

Cathedral and Harbour, Palma, Mallorca, Spain, Europe

How to get to Mallorca?

Now transport links with Mallorca are well developed, the island can be reached by two types of transport: air and water.

Flights to Mallorca

Most major cities in Spain, as well as other European cities, have direct flights to Mallorca. It is no coincidence that Mallorca airport is the third in terms of passenger traffic in Spain. Liners of various European airlines take off and land every half hour. The travel time from Barcelona or Valencia to Mallorca will be less than an hour, and the cost of a ticket, for example, with the low-cost Ryanair one-way airline, will start from 25 euros.

You can also quickly and inexpensively get to Mallorca from Madrid or the neighboring island of Ibiza. Airfare may vary depending on demand and seasonality. There is only one airport on the island, Son San Joan, which serves both domestic and foreign flights. Palma de Mallorca Airport has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable journey and is located just 8 kilometers from the capital of the island. Air travel is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to Mallorca.

Ferry service in Mallorca

Daily ferries of the companies Baleària and Trasmediterranea arrive from other cities and islands of Spain to the capital of the island of Mallorca. There are daily ferries from the port of Palma to Barcelona, ​​Menorca, Valencia, Canaria, Ibiza, and vice versa. Travel time is from 6.30 to 7 hours. Ferries are a convenient way to get around, especially if you are traveling by car. After all, you can take it with you. In addition, the ferry has restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Ferry route Barcelona - Mallorca or Valencia - Mallorca

Ferries from Barcelona and Valencia leave daily to Mallorca. The routes are operated by two companies: Trasmediterranea and Balearia. Tickets can be purchased immediately at the port or in advance via the Internet. The cost depends on the season and the level of comfort; when ordering a round-trip ticket, you can get a good discount. A seat will cost starting from 50 euros, and a cabin from 160 Euros. Travel time is over 7 hours.

Ferry route between the Balearic Islands

There is also a regular ferry service between the Balearic Islands. You can get from Ibiza to Mallorca in about 4 hours, the ticket price will start from 30-40 Euros.

Cruises to Mallorca

Recently cruises to the Balearic Islands have become very popular. Within one trip, you can visit several European cities or even islands. The cruise can last from several days to several weeks. You can take a cruise either on a cruise ship or on a small comfortable yacht. Find out more about yachting in Mallorca here.

Transport in Mallorca

You can comfortably get around Mallorca by bus, train, or rental car. And there is a metro in the capital of the island. The transport system is managed by TIB company, on its website you can find information on routes, timetables and ticket prices.

Bus routes in Mallorca

Mallorca has a well-developed bus service, both urban and intercity. In total, there are more than 30 bus routes on the island in domestic and intercity directions. From the capital of the island, you can get by bus to all major resorts in Mallorca. The permanent parking of most buses can be found at Plaza España Estación Intermodal.

You can buy Bonobus coupons at kiosks and use the reduced fare. A ticket for 10 trips will save you a significant amount. By the way, the fare may vary depending not only on the day of the week but also on the season. The cost of a bus ride starts from 1 Euro around the city and is from 10 Euro to neighboring cities. All bus stops are yellow-green. Use the front door to enter the bus, and to exit the bus, you must press in advance the button above the seats.

Metro in Mallorca

The Metro in Mallorca connects the capital of the island with the city of Marrachi and is a single line with 9 stations. The main metro station in Palma de Mallorca - Estación Intermodal - is located in the heart of the city. The metro opens at 6 am and runs until 11 pm.

Train connections in Mallorca

All trains leave from the main train station Estación Intermodal, with three lines diverge north and east of the island's capital. The vintage tourist train Soller is of particular interest: the train is not only a landmark in Mallorca, but also moves along a very beautiful route.

Every day, a historic train with wooden interior leaves from the island's capital and heads north. The scenic route winds through the plains and mountains,  it passes through 13 mountain tunnels and stops in the town of Soller. Please note the line is closed for annual maintenance in December and January.

Car rental in Mallorca

We always recommend renting a car in Mallorca, especially if you are traveling with a friendly company. This will save you not only a decent amount of money but also the time spent waiting for public transport and unnecessary stops. You can rent a car in Mallorca in advance online or upon arrival on the island. Early booking will allow you to compare prices and choose the best option.

Major international rental brands such as Hertz, Sixt, Avis, and others are represented at Mallorca airport. There are also rental companies in the island's capital and other cities. Their representatives can be found in large hotels or on city streets. The approximate cost of renting an economy class car in Mallorca for a day will range from 25 to 40 Euros.

To rent a car, you will need a passport, a credit card (not a debit card), and a driver's license. Read the rental conditions carefully. With incomplete insurance, the rental company can freeze significant funds on your card account. Sometimes this is an unexpected moment for many tourists, as they count on these funds.

When traveling in your rental car, check the local regulations beforehand. There are very few free parking lots on the island, do not leave your car in the area marked with yellow lines if you do not want to remain without a car. Blue lines indicate paid parking, and free parking is indicated with white lines or no markings.

Taxi in Mallorca

Taking a taxi in Mallorca will not be a problem, you can order a car by phone or catch it right on the street in crowded places. Look for cars painted white with a red and yellow line in the middle of the hood and on the driver's front door. All taxis are metered, and there are higher tariffs on weekends and nights.

Where to stay in Mallorca?

Thanks to the developed tourist infrastructure on the island, you can choose an accommodation option for every taste, from inexpensive hotels to luxury apartments. Meals in hotels are rarely included in the cost of living. There are many cafes and restaurants of local cuisine of different price categories on the island. Supermarkets, where you can buy everything you need, are also in abundance.

When choosing a hotel in Mallorca, start from the type of vacation you are planning to spend. For example, the resorts of Cala d'Or and Illetas are great for families with children, and the resorts of Arenal, Magaluf are good for noisy youth who want to have fun.

When choosing accommodation in Mallorca, consider renting an apartment or flat. This is a good option if you are traveling with family or friends. Apartments in Mallorca can be rented for both the short and long term. Early booking of a hotel or apartment in Mallorca will allow you to find an economical option from 60 Euros, and during peak season the average cost per night can be above 200 Euros.

Yachting in Mallorca

An alternative to hotel vacations in Mallorca is yachting. Cruises usually last a week. You live and travel on a comfortable yacht with everything you need: a hot shower, kitchen. The cost of such a trip is not more expensive than hotel accommodation, and in some cases even cheaper.

SAILME runs weekly yacht cruises every summer in Mallorca. This is an unforgettable adventure that will let you know the island and have a lot of impressions. Choose dates convenient for you and join our travels.

Read our review and you will find out what to see in Mallorca and what sights are worth visiting.